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Setelah 15 tahun berturut-turut, Baineng Home Furniture akan mengadakan produk baru tahunan ke Guangzhou Construction Expo

Source:Baineng  Date:07/10/2021

Thousands of expectations come


Grand home construction industry event

China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) is approaching

Baineng Home Furnishing will bring 15 years of technology accumulation and masterpiece

Shocking appearance

vintage stainless steel cabinet construction

# 15 years of witnessing the true meaning of the product #

The 15th anniversary of the birth of Baineng Home Furnishing brand, the works in this exhibition will perfectly present Baineng’s 15 years of technological precipitation. As a pioneer in the industry, Baineng witnessed and participated in the whole process of the stainless steel home furniture industry from budding to rapid growth. Therefore, it was fortunate to understand the true meaning of the product during the long and deep cultivation process, and to use technical means to push the product's artistry time and time again. The new height of the industry.

modular kitchen steel cabinets construction

Home furnishing is an art integrating aesthetics and practical application. The beauty of the home starts with the value of the appearance, and the unique and applicable home products can not only bring the enjoyment of beauty, but also relieve the fatigue of the soul. The beauty of the home lies in its practicality. The inherent waterproof and rust-proof properties of 304 stainless steel are especially suitable for kitchen environments that are damp and eroded by oily smoke. Therefore, Baineng all-steel cabinets have the confidence to rely on solid quality and make the promise of "10-year warranty and 50-year durability".

modular stainless steel kitchen cabinets construction

# Ingenuity, quality and craftsmanship create art #

Baineng is the chief editor of CBDA "Technical Regulations for the Application of Residential Stainless Steel Integral Kitchen Cabinets". We are well aware that continuous polishing of technology and deepening of technological innovation are the source of vitality to maintain the continuous development of an enterprise. Baineng's utility model patent "Walking Horse Sale" is inherited from ancient Chinese mortise and tenon technology, and is highly recognized in the industry for its ingenious structural design and strong stability.

residential stainless steel kitchen cabinets construction

A variety of door panel and countertop treatment processes are also becoming more and more mature, and the richness of the product color is completely comparable to that of wooden furniture, and even in terms of color stability, it is far better than other materials of household products.

restaurant stainless steel cabinets construction

If the above innovations are only continuing to improve the original invention, then the 8mm door panel, which was first introduced in the industry recently, is undoubtedly the biggest shining point with a technical threshold. For a long time, the door panel treatment can only win with thick due to technical reasons. Although the thickness is solid and firm, the product is very awkward to use and visually bloated. The 8mm door panel is also treated with two stainless steel plates sandwiched with aluminum honeycomb. The door panel is thin and compact, which brings extraordinary effects in terms of vision and use. It is worth emphasizing that the compression resistance is not inferior." Traditional thick door panels"!

small stainless cabinet construction

# Stainless steel home one-stop "high-end" #

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, balcony cabinets, TV cabinets, and wine cabinets are all launched on the market. It is Baineng's insight that consumers have a high standard and unified demand for home quality and style. Baineng's continuous improvement of the stainless steel home ecosystem is the most strategic forward-looking move. This move solved the development limitations brought about by the single product, and also promoted the promotion of the consumer side from local demand to the overall space demand, which directly promoted the geometric explosive growth of the market space.

small stainless steel cabinet construction

The mood  series of Baineng's exhibited works integrate the design concept of extreme leisure and tranquility into the products, complementing each other with harmonious color matching. The product pursues the golden mean and balance, and also combines abstract forms in new ways in small places to achieve stability and change. On the whole, the product does not require sudden and changeable eyeballs, but only sets the real chapter for physical and mental comfort.


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