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Tren baru istimewa, waktu yang tepat untuk furnitur rumah baja tahan karat

Source: Baineng  Date: 09/02/2020

On August 22, 2020, Mr. Wang Wenshuan, General Manager of Baineng Home Furnishings, represented the stainless steel home furniture furnishing industry at the International Hardcover Housing Industry Forum and delivered a keynote speech on "High-definition New Trends-Stainless Steel Home Furnishings". Based on the stainless steel home furniture furnishing and real estate hardcover industries, speak for the industry.

304 stainless steel cabinets high profile

Stainless steel home application the general trend

According to Mr. Wang Wenshuan, with the continuous development of modernization and industrialization, more and more metal materials are used in high-end home decoration. Metal materials are more and more popular with consumers due to their unique texture and charm, as well as their durable properties.

304 stainless steel kitchen cabinet high profile

Nowadays, the application range of stainless steel home is more and more extensive. Almost all household products in cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, balcony cabinets, tables and chairs, accessories can see stainless steel homes. The development prospects of stainless steel homes are very promising.

Eight advantages of stainless steel home

Mr. Wang Wenshuan elaborated on the outstanding advantages of stainless steel homes from eight dimensions. 

One is food grade. Food grade stainless steel does not contain formaldehyde, which is truly healthy and environmentally friendly;

The second is artistic beauty. The appearance and color break the cold impression of traditional stainless steel cabinets, making it more artistic;

The third is more durable, the application of the tenon and tenon process greatly improves the stability;

stain steel cabinets high profile

The fourth is one-piece molding, the connection between the basin and the countertop does not require glass glue, which is more environmentally friendly and sanitary;

The fifth is that it is not afraid of water, and the superior waterproof performance of stainless steel makes it especially suitable for wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms;

stainless cabinet high profile

Sixth, it is not moldy, not easy to accumulate water and moisture, and prevents the growth of mold;

Seventh, it is not deformed and the material has high stability;

The eighth is anti-termite, the whole body has no fiber material that can be eaten by termites, and it is all-round prevention and moth prevention.

 Long service life, higher quality-price ratio

The steel surface of Baineng stainless steel cabinets is food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the internal high-strength aviation honeycomb aluminum is beneficial to disperse the pressure and increase the strength and tear resistance by more than 2 times.

ss cabinet high profile

The service life of traditional wooden cabinets is usually 5-8 years. Baineng all-steel cabinets promise a 10-year warranty and 50-year durability. Although the price is slightly higher, the service life is much longer than that of traditional cabinets. Overall, the quality-price ratio is higher.

Baineng craftsmanship is unique

The processing of stainless steel homes is more difficult than traditional homes, and the requirements for craftsmanship are also higher. Baineng homes have laser positioning pre-embedded hinge holes, stainless steel tenon and tenon technology, thermoplastic film craft board, cabinet body stress balance structure, metal honeycomb The core technology such as the board has greatly improved the product performance. 

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Enabling value-added hardcover projects

Mr. Wang Wenshuan introduced some project cases that Baineng Home has participated in, such as Shenzhen Xinyi Real Estate Yulong Garden, Fengsheng 101 Plaza, Shenye Taifu Plaza, French Hotel Apartments, Middle East Kuwait Hotel, etc. Baineng Stainless Steel Home is a hardcover room Project value-added empowerment, more and more real estate developers choose stainless steel household products as delivery standards.

stainless cabinet high profile

Blue ocean! The future of stainless steel home furniture industry

Mr. Wenshuan Wang analyzed the future development trend of the stainless steel home furnishing industry for us. According to Baidu's big data, since 2017, the Baidu index of stainless steel cabinets has gradually surpassed the overall cabinets, and the growth trend of the stainless steel customization industry has also exceeded the traditional home furnishing industry. Fully proved the potential of the future development of stainless steel cabinets.

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